Do you remember what your relationship used to feel like?

Time goes by, things happen and you and your partner begin to feel the distance and dissatisfaction in your relationship. 

You and/or your partner may be wondering:

  • How did I recreate my parent's dysfunctional relationship?
  • Why are we  having the same old arguments about money, kids, sex, in-laws etc.?
  • Why do we communicate like we are from two different planets?
  • How can I be attracting the same type of unhealthy relationship again?
  • Why do I feel judged, misunderstood, alone, and unloved?
  • Why do I feel so angry, sad or anxious all the time?
  • Why does he/she always need to be right?
  • Why can't he/she commit? 
  • Should I stay or leave? 

Let me help you to recreate the loving relationship you once had.


You may be wondering why the relationship you are in feels so familiar?  Well it is!  In some mystical way

we are drawn to our relationships in an unconscious attempt to repair the emotional wounds of 

childhood.  We are unintentionally recreating home.  With greater conscious awareness you can begin to

create a new vision for your relationship.  You will experience how the relationship becomes an

opportunity to be in service to your own growth and healing.  Your relationship will never be like the 

first date or first year but you may come to experience a deeper more profound mature love that is only

possible with years together.  

I acknowledge your courage for taking the first step to get the support you need in order to create a

deeper, more intimate and meaningful relationship and experience more joy and enthusiasm in your 


"When we are no longer able to change a situation,
we are challenged to change ourselves."  

--Victor Frankl 

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